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Matching exercise

Match the items on the right with the items on the left.
He's useless. He doesn't have a ______ what he is doing.
I didn't understand any of his explanation. It went right over my ______ .
I understand absolutely nothing. I cannot make head nor ______ of it.
I'm afraid I don't know the first ______ about American football. Could you explain the rules to me?
I understood nothing. His explanation was as clear as ______ .
We seem to have completely misunderstood each other. Our ______ were crossed.
It took me a while to get the ______ of this program but now I love it.
I can't seem to get to ______ with the Access data base program. I find it too complicated.
When Caroline showed me some examples of what she had done, it really brought it ______ to me what to do.
This is a very difficult and abstract concept and I have problems getting my ______ around it.
You don't have to say any more. We get the ______ .
Don't talk to Simon about it. He doesn't have a ______ what he is doing.
What language is he speaking? I cannot make ______ nor tail of what he is saying.
It suddenly came ______ to me that I had made a bad mistake.
You mustn't ask me. I don't know the ______ thing about that.
I don't understand Boulez's music. It goes ______ over my head.
When I saw the pictures of the starving people on the BBC, it really brought it ______ to me about the problems they have in that country.
He hasn't phoned me for weeks. I hope he has finally ______ the message.
I don't know the first ______ about architecture but the Muséé D'orsay looks really lovely to me.
This exercise explained nothing very well. It's as ______ as mud.
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