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Success and Failure Matching exercise

Match the items on the right with the items on the left.


I see that Clinton is still riding ______ in all the opinion polls in spite of all the scandals.
The new business has got off to a flying ______ and has exceeded all forecasts.
Our company continues to go from strength to ______ .
John speaks fluent Japanese so he really came into his ______ when we made a trade visit to Tokyo.
He used to work in a supermarket with me before he made it ______ in the music business.
That was a very difficult task you had to do and you came through it with flying ______ .
We were on the brink of bankruptcy and we had to gradually claw our ______ back.
We've had a lot of success in that market. There was a lot of competition at first but we won ______ down.
There's a lot of competition in the Indian market but we are leading the ______ . ('way' is possible here but I'm looking for another answer)
Now is the moment to see if it is a success or a failure. It's make or ______ time.
Either it will be a success or it will not. We have to let the project sink or ______.
It was a complete failure and the company fell flat on its ______ .
Nobody bought it so the product died a natural ______ .
When he failed yet again, that was the final nail in his ______ and he was sacked.
If this doesn't work I'm a dead ______ .
It only narrowly failed to work but a miss is as good as a ______ .
We almost got the contract but we were pipped at the ______ by our Korean competitors.
He's not as good as he used to be. He seems to have lost his ______ . ('way' is possible here but I'm looking for another answer)
They used to be a great company but they became self-satisfied and went off the ______ .
My English is improving all the time. It is going from ______ to strength.
Your score is