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Mind it Matching exercise
Find the missing word
I forget everything. I've got a mind like a ______
I'm not sure I'm in the right ______ of mind to do this.
It was really dull. I was ______ out of my mind.
Thank you for telling me the good news. That's a ______ off my mind.
I'm sure you have a plan at the ______ of your mind.
We agree entirely. We are of ______ mind.
There are one or two factors you will have to ______ in mind when you are planning this.
When I first heard their record, it completely ______ my mind.
That ______ to mind a story I heard about Tom.
I want you to ______ your mind back to what happened last year.
I must say the thought did ______ my mind.
______ you mind! Please stop that.
It took me a while to ______ my mind around this concept.
I'm going to give her a ______ of my mind.How dare she!
I almost ______ out of my mind with worry.
I have a ______ mind to phone her up and complain to her about her child's behaviour.
This photocopier seems to have a mind of its ______
Sex, sex, sex. You have a ______ mind.
I think we should keep an ______ mind about this. No decision yet.
It's time to ______ up your mind. Decide!
Your score is