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Get on with it Matching exercise
Find the missing word
You're starting to get ______ my nerves.
No use complaining. We just have to get ______ and do it.
John and I are not friends. We're not getting ______ .
Hurry up and get ______ the bus.
I haven't had time to get ______ to that yet but I will do soon. I promise.
I must get ______ with that work. I don't have much time left.
How was the exam? How did you get ______ ?
Stop messing around. Get ______ with it!
I can't stand here talking all day. I must be getting ______ .
I haven't seen you for ages. What have you been getting ______ ?
Don't be getting ______ any mischief whilst I'm away.
My golf is terrible. I must get ______ some practice.
You're always making nasty comments. Stop getting ______ me.
It's stuck behind the radiator. I cannot get ______ it.
I don't understand what you are trying to get ______ .
We must try to get ______ the truth.
I wish you two would get ______ better.
Time to get ______ work.
You must get ______ the point more quickly. You're too long-winded.
I need to get ______ for a few weeks.
Your score is