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Colours Matching exercise
What word do you need to complete the sentence?
I was very angry. I saw ______ .
She's a good with flowers. She's got ______ fingers.
I'm feeling sad. I'm feeling ______ .
It was completely unexpected. It came out of the ______ .
When I saw her new phone, I was ______ with envy.
The film is full of explicit sex. It's a ______ movie.
It's not very certain. It's a ______ area.
He was very depressed. He was in a ______ mood.
I want to see it written down in black and ______ .
I feel really well. I'm in the ______ .
I owe money to the bank. I'm in the ______ .
My friend has money in her bank account. She's in the ______ .
She looks ill. She's ______ - faced.
The presentation was ______ and uninspiring. Very dull.
If you don't do the homework, you'll get a ______ mark.
I hit my face with my car door and got a ______ eye.
You look as if you have seen a ghost. You look as ______ as a sheet.
I've done something wrong. When he came in, he gave me a ______ look.
The electrician wants to be paid in cash. I think he is part of the ______ economy.
I want to work in the office one day in a nice white-collar job. I don't like having a ______ collar job.
Your score is