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Work it out

Matching exercise

When I get to work, I have to clock ______ to show what time I arrived.
There isn't much work to do. I think I'll knock ______ early.
You wouldn't believe the amount of work we have got. We're completely snowed ______ .
You must continue to work hard. You mustn't slack ______ now.
I'm finished with this company. I'm going to hand ______ my notice tomorrow.
I've heard that out competitors are about to open ______ a new office in Tokyo.
The company was only set ______ ten years ago.
We are expanding and are about to take ______ 50 new staff.
They're going out of business and are having a closing ______ sale.
They're going to sell ______ their DIY business.
If we don't improve liquidity quickly, we could go ______ .
I hear they are thinking of shutting ______ the factory.
The business went into recievership and was then wound ______ .
When I leave work, I have to clock ______ .
What time do you knock ______ work?
I hear that our Australian competitor has gone ______ . Poor financial control, apparently.
They're letting a lot of people go but I am being kept ______ .
Bezos started ______ Amazon just a few years ago.
I think we should open ______ a shop in the centre of Moscow.
Our Web site is making a huge loss. We should try to sell it ______ .
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