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Whatever you want Matching exercise
Match the items on the right with the items on the left.
What would you like for lunch? You can have ______ you want.
Please answer the phone for me. I don't want to speak to ______ it is.
That's not true. ______ told you that was wrong.
I loved my visit to Japan. The people were nice ______ we went.
It's my company. I'll employ ______ I like.
She never puts on weight, ______ much she eats.
Leave me alone, ______ you are.
______ problems you have, ask Harry here to help you. He knows everything.
Come round and see me ______ you like
I don't want to go. Give my ticket to ______ wants it.
______ you decide, you'll still have doubts about it.
She's the boss and you have to do ______ she says.
Keep cool and calm, ______ stupid things he says.
I'm going to buy myself a Rolls Royce, ______ long it takes me!
______ you choose for the job, somebody is going to be disappointed.
I'll always love you, ______ happens.
______ the boss pays us a visit, everyone is very nervous and on their best behaviour.
______ you go in England, you'll find lots of pubs.
______ it is, tell them I'm in a meeting.
I don't care. We can hold the meeting ______ you want.
Your score is