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Very (much) Matching exercise
I'm ______ worried about what's happening to the Euro.
I've been ______ concerned about you.
Michael Swan is a ______ admired writer.
I'm ______ disappointed in you.
The management structure has been ______ simplified compared to what it used to be.
His leadership style has been ______ imitated.
The boss is ______ annoyed about what has happened.
This report is ______ improved. You're getting much better.
We were ______ shocked to hear the news.
I feel ______ isolated on this issue. Nobody agrees with me.
I was ______ helped by the fact that I studied Japanese management styles at college.
She has been ______ criticised for her handling of the problem.
My wife is ______ firghtened of snakes.
The audience was ______ amused by his speech.
I was ______ surprised to hear from him after all this time.
I'll be ______ surprised if we hear any more about this.
He's ______ worried about his job. It doesn't look safe.
I've been ______ helped by the support you have given me.
That's Jane's husband , unless I'm ______ mistaken
I feel ______ confused about this point of grammar.
Your score is