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Too much Matching exercise
What word do you need to complete the sentence?
Put on the heater. It's ______ cold.
Now that you are 18 you are old ______ to vote.
You look drunk. You've had ______ beer.
It's very crowded. There are ______ people.
I'd like to have more friends. I don't have ______ .
Relax. You work ______ hard.
I don't want to buy it. It costs ______ .
That jacket is ______ big for you.
I don't know him well ______ to know if he will like this idea.
This coffee is ______ hot to drink.
I cannot come out this evening. I've got ______ work to do.
I don't want to buy it. There are ______ problems with it.
I'm not sure we've got ______ paper to print out the document.
I don't have time to come. I'm ______ busy.
I'm not buying that. It's ______ expensive
I hate driving in London. There is ______ traffic.
I don't want him on my team. He works ______ slowly.
I'm afraid your work is not good ______ . Please do it again.
I'm afraid I don't speak Japanese well ______ to negotiate in it.
I've eaten ______ . I feel sick.
Your score is