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They Matching exercise
What word do you need to complete the sentence?
I didn't recognise the centre of town. ______ 've knocked down the old swimming pool.
Everybody has to make ______ own beds. There is no room service.
I'm going to try to get some sleep for an hour or so. If anybody rings, ask ______ to call again later.
Everyone would like that, wouldn't ______ ?
Oh no. ______ 're going to increase fuel taxes again.
Somebody is knocking on the door. Could you answer it and see what ______ want?
Nobody knows about it, do ______ ?
Anybody would know that, wouldn't ______ ?
If I find out who took my pen, I'll kill ______ .
Somebody told you about it, didn't ______ ?
Somebody has left ______ glasses behind. Probably Caroline.
I hear ______ 're planning to build a new runway at the airport.
Somebody has taken my briefcase and left me ______ .
There's someone standing on the bridge. I think ______ 're going to jump.
The person who phoned wouldn't leave ______ name.
______ tell me that you are leaving. When are you going?
Anybody could have done it, couldn't ______ ?
The price has gone up again. That's the third time ______ 've increased it this year.
Nobody will know about this unless you tell ______ yourself.
Everybody of my generation can remember where ______ were when Kennedy was shot.
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