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Than, as, that Matching exercise
Match the items on the right with the items on the left.
He's smaller ______ me.
The meeting is at the same time ______ the last one
He told me ______ he was coming.
That's the man ______ married Susan.
He's better ______ me at this type of work.
It's as good ______ done.
I know ______ you have done a good job on the project.
Your son was as good ______ gold.
I remembered ______ you wanted me to come early.
I know somebody ______ could repair that for you.
You're more intelligent ______ you look.
It's not as complicated ______ it seems at first glance.
I work for a company ______ sells computers.
Better late ______ never.
I'm the same age ______ Charlie Falconer but I look younger.
I'm a year older ______ Chris Smith but I look younger.
Where is the report ______ was in this folder?
He's the candidate ______ I prefer.
As difficult ______ it will be to replace you, I think you should take this new job.
I've already told you ______ I don't want to come.
Your score is