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already, still, yet Matching exercise
Find the missing word
You don't have to do it. I've ______ done it.
I've had no time. I haven't done it ______ .
Don't wake him. He's ______ asleep.
I've ______ told you what to do. Listen carefully this time.
The plane has ______ arrived. It was really early.
We broke up six months ago but I ______ miss him.
Are you ______ working for the same company?
There's no need to tell him. He ______ knows.
We haven't finished ______ .
Nobody else knows ______ .
I have ______ done this type of work before.
It's old but it ______ works well.
I bought it seven years ago and I haven't had any problems ______ .
I read your report but I ______ need to talk to you.
Is it ______ nine o' clock?
Oh no! It's ______ raining.
I'm feeling lazy. I'm ______ in bed.
Is the pizza cooked ______ ?
I cannot take on any more jobs. I've ______ got too much work.
I cannot believe it. Half past four in the morning and you are ______ up!
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