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Remember Matching exercise
Match the items on the right with the items on the left.
Sorry I didn't come to the meeting. It completely slipped my ______ .
I just cannot remember her name. I've racked my ______ but I can't remember.
I want you to cast your ______ back to last week and try to work out what went wrong.
I just cannot remember names. I have a memory like a ______ .
Rachel never forgets names. She has a memory like an ______ .
This is the worst accident in living ______ .
You'd better commit my phone number to ______ in case you need to call me in an emergency.
Her name is on the tip of my ______.
The name Richard Harrison certainly rings a ______ with me.
I know that man from somewhere but I can't for the ______ of me remember where from.
Can I try to jog your ______ about what happened last night? We need to know the facts.
It was the first idea that sprang to ______ .
I was going to do it but it completely slipped my ______ .
She'll forget about him soon enough once he is gone. Out of sight, out of ______ .
I'm terrible at cocktail parties. I find it hard to put a name to a ______ .
I couldn't think of anything to say. My ______ went blank.
This problem has been on my ______ for a while.
I need a good manager for this plant. Does anybody come immediately to ______ ?
As the television camera focussed on me, my mind went a complete ______ .
It was nice to meet up with her again after all these years. We took a stroll down memory ______ and remembered many happy times.
Your score is