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Present forms Matching exercise
Match the items on the right with the items on the left.
______ you speak Italian?
I ______ waiting for a taxi
No thank you. I ______ smoke.
Where ______ you come from?
John ______ coming in a few minutes.
How much ______ this cost?
______ Sarah eat meat?
______ Jack coming to the meeting?
I ______ agree.
I ______ like to drive in town.
How long ______ I have to do this job?
He lives in London but he ______ like it very much.
I ______ not going. I'm too tired.
What ______ you do for a living?
How ______ you do?
What on earth ______ he doing?
Hurry up. The train ______ coming.
I ______ understand. Could you say that again?
This exercise ______ driving me crazy.
The teacher ______ looking very happy.
Your score is