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Possessives/Plurals Matching exercise
Is there a mistake in these sentences?
She is the childrens teacher.
I like her sons blue eyes.
There are three computer's over there.
I met Helen's daughter's boyfriend
Don't give me any excuse's.
A number of us is concerned.
A lot of us disagrees.
What is the name of Clintons wife?
What do you think of it's price? Is it too expensive?
Its up to you.
It's no use asking me.
It's not happy, is it? It must be missing its mother.
Her mother's not very happy.
My mothers mother was born in Scotland.
I don't think it's likely.
It's too late to stop now. Tell Van.
The team has lost it's coach.
It's later than you think.
The United States are very powerful.
Its all very complicated.
Your score is