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Past Simple Matching exercise
Match the items on the right with the items on the left.
Yesterday evening, I ______ to the cinema.
I ______ a very good film.
It ______ Robert de Niro.
It ______ about a gangster.
He ______ another gangster in the head and killed him.
After the cinema, I went to MacDonald's and ______ a hamburger.
I also ______ a milk shake.
I ______ to bed quite late.
However, I ______ up early this morning.
I ______ dressed quickly
and ______ at work early.
I ______ the first person to arrive at work.
It ______ very calm and peaceful.
I ______ me eyes for a few moments.
And ______ back to sleep again!
When everybody else ______ .
I ______ up.
My boss ______ very happy with me.
Because he ______ I had worked all night!
He ______ me a bonus.
Your score is