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Even/ only Matching exercise
Find the missing word
I've climbed a lot of mountains. I've ______ climbed some in the Himalayas.
She doesn't talk much. She ______ talks when she has to.
I always get up early. I ______ get up early on Sundays.
I didn't have much to eat. I ______ ate a small piece of cheese.
I'm ______ doing this because I owe you a favour.
I cannot speak another language. I can ______ speak English.
Eric speaks a lot of languages. He can ______ speak Finnish.
He's so stupid that he can't ______ tell the time.
He's so mean that he won't ______ lend you the money for a cup of coffee.
I'm ______ here for the main speech. Then I'm leaving before the rest of the presentations.
I like any type of sausage, ______ blood sausage.
You're the ______ person who will understand.
______ you could do that! Nobody else could.
It's so easy. ______ you could do that!
______ a child could do that, it's so simple.
You should study English every day, ______ if only for a few minutes.
I'll come, but ______ if you promise to come to lunch tomorrow.
It's ______ possible to visit on Saturdays and Sundays. The other days it's closed.
He couldn't get any job, not ______ at a much lower salary.
You have to keep studying your English, ______ if you are on holiday!
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