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One Matching exercise
What word do you need to complete the sentence?
What colour shoes did you buy?
Black ______ .
Which is your coat?
The green ______ .
What flavour ice-cream is that?
Rasberry ______ .
Which one is your son?
The good-looking ______ .
What sort of job do you want?
A well-paid ______ .
Is this Chinese food?
No, it's Thai ______ .
We've missed the train to Brighton. When is the next ______ ?
Do you like this dress?
No, I preferred the other ______ .
I'm making myself a cup of tea. Would you like ______ ?
How much are the sandwiches?
The tuna ______ are £2.50 and the others are £2.00.
How is the weather where you are?
It's terrible ______ .
Which is your car?
The red ______ over there.
What sort of wine do you prefer?
Red ______ .
Who is Simon?
The ______ who is married to Lindsey.
I'd like a new job, a better-paid ______ .
Some of my friends went to work in banks. They were the intelligent ______ .
What sort of bread do you prefer?
Brown ______ .
Somebody has to work late again and I'm the lucky ______ .
Have you got any bottled water?
Sparkling ______ ?
I like eating cookies. Especially the chocolate chip ______ .
Your score is