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Of with determiners Matching exercise
What word do you need to complete the sentence?
I like my job most ______ the time
I like most ______ people but I can't stand her.
Some ______ the older people complained that the music was too loud.
Some ______ young people agreed with them
Many ______ people think that the Internet is only for geeks.
Many ______ my friends think that I spend too much time on the Internet.
Many ______ those people who live in London would prefer to live in the country.
Most ______ people support the President's policy.
None ______ the people I have spoken to agree with what you have done.
Could you give me a couple ______ those magazines?
Could you spare me a couple ______ minutes?
I don't have too much ______ time to spare.
There's too much ______ this type of behaviour these days.
I don't have many ______ his books. I prefer something more intellectual.
I've had a few ______ criticisms about what I did.
I'd like to talk about a few ______ the problems we've had.
Could you pass me a few ______ those peanuts?
I like each ______ them as individuals but not as a group.
I've got a few ______ complaints.
None ______ the people I met spoke English.
Your score is