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Noun + noun Matching exercise
Find the missing word to make a noun + noun combination
I'm a chocaholic. I love Cadbury's milk ______
My daughter likes to drink chocolate ______ .
PC Plus is my favourite computer ______ .
I received a four-page ______ from her.
I've only got a fifteen-minute ______ .
Can you lend me your phone ______ ?
This is a three-part ______ .
You should always wear your seat ______ when you are taking off.
Sally is a newspaper ______ .
Leeks are my favourite garden ______ .
I grow my leeks in a ______ garden.
I need to speak to the actual ______ holder.
Please pick up that ______ wrapper and put it in the rubbish.
Could you pass me the ______ opener?
I like the design on your ______ buckle.
Could you pass me the ______ carton?
There is a ______ delay.
I was in a ______ accident.
What is my ______ number?
He's a ______ editor.
Your score is