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Myself Matching exercise
What word do you need to complete the sentence?
I taught ______ how to play the guitar.
Susan taught ______ to speak Italian.
You don't need any help. You can do that ______ .
Nobody helped me. I did it all ______ .
John and Kate built their house ______ .
I cut ______ when I was shaving.
Sally fell down some stairs but luckily she didn't hurt ______ .
We had a great evening. We really enjoyed ______ .
I behaved very badly. I'm really ashamed of ______ .
If you need anything, please help ______ .
How was the concert, Pat and Mike? Did you enjoy ______ ?
Try to understand how I feel. Put ______ in my shoes.
Look! John is talking to ______ .
I don't need any money. I can pay for ______ .
She has broken both her arms and cannot feed ______ .
Stop working so much. Your going to make ______ ill.
He's very selfish. He only thinks of ______ .
They've got ______ a new cat.
We've bought ______ a new car.
This exercise is stupid. It's time to have ______ a break!
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