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Me, myself, I Matching exercise
What word do you need to complete the sentence?
I can recommend them. In fact, I have bought three ______ .
Tom and Harry are good sports. They don't mind making fools of ______ .
My sister and I send e-mails to ______ every week.
We will do most of the work ______ .
Welcome to both of you. I hope you'll make ______ at home.
I feel dirty after the journey. I need to wash ______ .
I couldn't treat you any better if you were the Queen of England ______ .
I'm going to shave ______ .
Help ______ to anything you need, Simon.
John cut ______ shaving.
Lindsey and I have been writing regularly to ______ for several years.
I'm too thirsty to think. I need to make ______ a cup of tea before I do anything else.
Mary bought ______ a nice blouse.
Tom and Mary hate ______ .
He really knows how to enjoy ______ .
I'm afraid there is nobody to help you. You'll all have to do everything for ______ .
I can't feel ______ anything.
This exercise by ______ is not enough. You need to study more.
Sarah, I wish you would behave ______ .
When she saw how well she'd done, the student gave ______ a pat on the back.
Your score is