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Could / managed to

Match the items on the right with the items on the left.
I ______ speak Italian really well when I lived in Venice.
It was quite difficult but I ______ get it all done.
It was very frustrating. I ______ make her understand what I wanted.
He ______ walk when he was only 8 months old.
For once, I ______ get up early today. It was an effort!
I missed the last train but I ______ get a taxi.
I ______ do the Times crossword ten years ago but I can't nowadays. I'm getting too old!
I looked everywhere but I ______ find it.
There were very few seats left but I ______ get us two tickets.
I ______ run much faster when I was 20.
I would have liked to have gone but I ______ get a ticket.
I ______ see what was wrong with what I had put but I kept getting an error message.
I ______ read when I was only four.
I don't speak much Russian but I ______ make the taxi driver understand where I wanted to go.
I asked Tom if he ______ help.
How on earth did you ______ find it? It's just what I wanted.
Sorry I'm late. I ______ start my car.
When I was young, I ______ run fast but now I cannot.
I ______ find the correct answer anywhere.
In spite of his broken arm, he ______ come into the office for the meeting.
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