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Do or make revisited Match the items on the right with the items on the left.
I'm an engineer. What do you ______ ?
I'll be late back. I'm going to ______ the shopping.
I just cannot find the time to ______ the accounts. I'm way behind with my work.
I'd like you to ______ more of an effort.
I'm going to night school. I really want to ______ something of myself.
Do you like this skirt? I ______ it myself.
I didn't win the competition but I ______ my best.
I'm ______ enquiries about flights to Miami.
I know you want to help but you are ______ more harm than good.
Could you ______ me a favour?
I was really frightened. He was ______ more than 200 kpm. That's about 125 mph!
I don't promise anything but I'll ______ my best.
Is there anywhere I could ______ a phone call?
Don't tell them about it. It's not worth ______ a fuss.
I don't see how we can ______ a profit in this market.
I've ______ all the necessary arrangements.
Someone has to ______ a decision.
What shall we ______ now?
I don't usually go to parties but in this case I will ______ an exception.
Could you ______ me a favour?
Your score is