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Have Match the items on the right with the items on the left.
I always have ______ before I leave home in the morning.
You don't smell very nice. You should have a ______ .
I can't use my car because I had a bad ______ and it is in for repair. .
I'm sorry I'm late. I had a ______ with my son. He's ill.
I went to the beach and had a ______ .
Would you like to have ______ ? You look thirsty.
I have ______ at 12.00 every day. I don't have any breakfast and I'm very hungry by then.
You looked tired. Lie down and have a ______ .
I hope you had a pleasant ______ . Was your flight on time?
I had a strange ______ last night. I thought I was the last person alive.
I know you are new to this but have a ______ and see what happens.
She's having a ______ in 3 month's time. She's beginning to get very tired.
She's always crying. I think she's having a ______ .
I don't know what is wrong with this. Could you have a ______ at it?
I need to have an ______ on my nose. I cannot breathe very well.
Could I have a ______ on your motorbike?
I'm not speaking to him. We had an ______ .
Your face is dirty. Have a ______ , comb your hair and you'll look a lot better
Do you want salmon or steak? I think I'll have the ______ .
Thank you for shopping here. Have a nice ______ .
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