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Few / less Matching exercise
Which expression will complete the sentence?
The exhibition was not very crowded. There were ______ people than I expected.
Meeting Bill Clinton was much ______ frightening than I had imagined.
I've not met him but I've heard ______ stories about him and he sounds interesting.
He's ______ crazy than you first think. Some of his ideas make sense.
That must be ______ frightening horror film I've ever seen.
It's time somebody told him ______ home truths.
I strongly disapprove. I don't like what I've heard in ______ .
He's not liked. In fact he's ______ liked person in the office.
I'd like to go to Japan but I get so ______ opportunities to travel in my present job.
I'd like you to spend ______ time on your own work and more on controlling your staff.
David Letterman is very famous in America but ______ people in England have heard of him.
We mustn't postpone this meeting. We get to meet on too ______ occasions as it is.
Frankly, John's problems are ______ of my worries.
If you spent ______ time worrying, you'd get more done.
I don't like any of the solutions. I suppose John's is ______ bad of them but I still don't like it.
It's not important. It doesn't matter in ______ .
The winner will be the person who makes ______ mistakes.
I've had ______ problems with this. I really need some help.
I've had ______ problems with this. I don't need any help.
"Never was so much owed by so many to so ______ ." - Winston Churchill
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