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Few / a few Matching exercise
Find the missing word
Do you mind waiting ______ minutes?
______ people would want to do that job.It's horrible.
There are ______ opportunities for promotion here. We're looking for intelligent, well-motivated people.
There are ______ opportunities for promotion here. You'll have to look elsewhere.
In ______ years time, I'll be rich.
I need ______ time to think over this proposal. Can we meet again tomorrow?
I'm getting ______ bored with this job. I need a change.
I'm not a worrier. ______ things worry me.
There's ______ time left to discuss the rest. Can we meet again tomorrow?
You'll get used to working here after ______ days.
Your recent work has been ______ disappointing.
I was able to set up my own dot com company with ______ help from my bank.They were very supportive.
You seem to have ______ interest in your work.
Very ______ people seem to be buying this model. I don't know why.
There is ______ incentive to do well.
We need ______ bonus payments as an incentive.
His work has picked up ______ but there is still room for improvement.
______ people have made negative comments about him. I'm a bit worried.
______ people have anything good to say about her. She's a disaster.
______ of him goes a long way. He's hard to take.
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