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Few / a few Matching exercise
What word do you need to complete the sentence?
1. ______ learning is a dangerous thing
2. I've had ______ drinks but I'm not drunk.
3. You won't change her mind so there is ______ use in trying.
4. Michael Cane was born in South London, not the East End. ______ people know that.
5. I need ______ help. I'm a bit stuck.
6. There weren't many people there. Just ______
7. Will you have ______ strawberries? They're very good.
8. Will you have ______ more ice-cream? We might as well finish it.
9. There's ______ point in continuing. We're all too tired.
10. Could you spare me ______ minutes?
11. I don't know if we can fit the cupboard into our house. There's ______ space as it is.
12. All this kitten needs is ______ love and attention.
13. There's ______ I can do about this. It's outside my control.
14. Martin is a good student. He has ______ problems with English.
15. Generally Peter is good but sometimes he has ______ problems.
16. I need to borrow ______ dollars. Can you help me out?
17. We made good time because there was ______ traffic on the road so early in the morning.
18. I think Coventry will win the match but ______ people agree with me.
19. I can only speak ______ words of Chinese.
20. I'm going to give you ______ advice. Study harder!
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