Choose the correct answer for each question.

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Decisions, intentions, plans

Click on the buttons until you find the correct answer

1 I'm feeling thirsty. I think I ______ a beer.
am having
am going to have
will have

2 Are you going to London tomorrow ? I hear there is going to be a train strike.

Well in that case I think I ______ .
am taking
am going to take
will take

3 It's not a good idea to take the car. There will be loads of traffic jams.

Well in that case I don't think I ______ to London after all.
am going
am going to go
will go

4 John has just phoned to say that he has still not received your letter.

Well in that case I ______ a copy straight away. What's his fax number?
am faxing
am going to fax
will fax

5 How are you going to get to Athens?

Everything is already arranged. I ______ from London on the first flight on Friday morning.
am flying
am going to fly
will fly

6 I've already decided. I ______ Harry and there is nothing you can do to make me change my mind.
am sacking
am going to sack
will sack

7 Would you like a drink?

Oh thank you very much. I ______ a gin and tonic please.
am having
am going to have
will have

8 You don't seem very happy in your job.

No, in fact I ______ as soon as I can get a new one.
am leaving
am going to leave
will leave

9 If we offer you more money, will you stay?

I don't think so but I ______ about it.
am thinking
am going to think
will think

10 I've got a lot of work to do. Maybe I ______ after all. Sorry.
don't come
am not coming
am not going to come
won't come

11 George just phoned to say he cannot make it to dinner tonight after all.

That's the third person to cancel on me. I think I ______ the whole thing off.
am calling
am going to call
will call

12 I've decided that I'm getting too tired. So I ______ work at 5.30 every day next week without fail.
am leaving
am going to leave
will leave

13 We're going out to a night club. Would you like to come?

I don't think I ______ . I'm a bit tired.
am being
am going to

14 Everyone looks really tired. I think we ______ for the day at this point.
are stopping
are going to stop
will stop

15 Why have you bought all that paint?

I ______ my bedroom in the next week or so.
am redecorating
am going to redecorate
will redecorate

16 What time do we have to be at the airport?

Well the plane ______ at 10.05.
is leaving
is going to leave
will leave

17 What are you doing this evening?

I haven't decided. Maybe I ______ for a drink in the hotel bar. Maybe not.
am going
am going to go
will go

18 Are you likely to see Sarah any time soon?

Yes, in fact she ______ round to dinner this evening.
is coming
is going to come
will come

19 We mustn't be late for the theatre. The play ______ at 8.00.
is starting
is going to start
will start

20 This English grammar is confusing. I think I ______ the exercise again.
am doing
am going to do
will do