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Comparatives 2 Matching exercise
Match the items on the right with the items on the left.
English wine is good but French wine is ______ .
English cooking is bad but Scottish cooking is ______ .
It's a long way from London to Moscow but London to Sydney is even ______ .
I've got two daughters. Sophie is the younger one and Kathryn is the ______ one.
My job is getting harder and ______ . I cannot cope.
The earlier we leave, the ______ we'll arrive.
It's becoming more and ______ difficult to find time to play golf.
Do it when you can but the sooner it's done, the ______ .
I like visiting Switzerland but it is getting ______ and more expensive.
The older I get, the ______ I forget!
I'm so happy. I must be the ______ man in the world!
The ______ I think about it, the less happy I feel.
You're even more ______ in real life than in photos.
I was really ill yesterday but I feel a little ______ today.
This wine is a ______ sweeter than the other one. They are completely different.
I much prefer this candidate. I thought she was ______ better than the other one.
It's a little ______ more expensive but much better quality.
I've been working hard on my English but it isn't ______ better.
They're both nice but Susan is the ______ of the two.
Could you speak ______ slowly, please? It's a bad line.
Your score is