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As as Matching exercise
As ______ as the Ace of Spades.
As ______ as a beetroot.
As ______ as night.
As ______ as coal.
As ______ as a sheet.
As good as ______ .
As ______ as the hills.
As ______ as a rake.
As ______ as an owl.
As ______ as a fox.
As ______ as a pancake.
As ______ as a picture.
As ______ as a church mouse.
As ______ as Rockefeller.
As ______ an an ox.
As ______ as ice
As ______ as the grave.
As ______ as two short planks (this expression means very stupid)
As ______ as watching paint dry.
As ______ as a dog with two tails.
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