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Apostrophe S Matching exercise
Are these sentences correct?
Harry's mother's Danish.
It's unusual to see her here.
He's his own worst enemy.
The cat has lost it's ball.
Harry's mother thinks it's not a good idea.
Can you tell me where the mens toilet is?
The boys' coats are in their rooms.
The boys' father is waiting for him
That's a picture of my parent's house. They've been married for fifty years.
He didn't stop the car quickly enough and hit the garage's door.
Paris is France's largest city.
Next weeks meeting has been cancelled.
He's largely responsible for the company's success.
It's written clearly at the page's top.
I really like the colour of the eyes of Caroline.
I'm afraid I don't know what the problem's cause is.
That's not mine. It's Simon's.
I have two sisters. That's my room and that's my sisters room.
Are you the Anne's friend?
Put everything in its place.
Your score is