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Agreement Matching exercise
Match the items on the right with the items on the left.
I go ______ Bill on this one. I think he's quite right.
I think I have persuaded Jenny to come ______ to our point of view.
James is also against our idea but I think I can talk him ______ .
Harry sided ______ Simon on this issue and they were able to block the project.
I was against the idea but everybody else was in favour and I had to give ______ .
Do you think you can bring Helen ______ our point of view?
He started out as an opponent of the plan but I was able to win him ______ .
It's not worth opposing this. Sometimes you have to go ______ the flow.
He didn't want to support the project but, when he realised his job was under threat, he caved ______ .
I don't really understand what you have ______ this project.
I really believe ______ this project and will do everything I can to support it.
Drinking alcohol at work is frowned ______ in this company.
I don't really mean to quarrel ______ what you say.
If that's what Head Office wants, I think we have to fall ______ their view.
We had several possible candidates but we finally settled ______ Susan.
Your score is