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Not much Matching exercise
Which expression will complete the sentence?
There are ______ people here, are there?
There's ______ happening, is there?
I don't have ______ time so get on with it.
There are ______ reasons why we should do this.
I have ______ respect for him.
We have ______ problems but we will solve them all.
I don't have ______ to say. I know very little.
I didn't sleep very ______ . My hotel room was too hotand noisy.
That news is confidential. ______ people know it.
Roover cars are having ______ problems. They may be sold.
He's very popular. He doesn't have ______ enemies.
It's not true. It's just ______ rubbish.
The news created ______ excitement for a few days.
There are ______ rumours flying around.
There aren't ______ days left before the meeting. I hope you are well-prepared.
There's not ______ we can do except wait.
I don't like him very ______ .
I've had ______ fun. Thank you for inviting me.
Thank you so ______ for inviting me.
I hate this. There are too ______ questions and I'm bored!
Your score is